Message from Coach Gilbert-Snow about Fundraiser

Hey Parents!
  We’ve have ten days to raise a target of $15,000!  This Friday The CHS Track and Field Team launched a super easy, time limited, high return fundraising project with our student-athletes. About 60% of the them showed to our MANDATORY meeting (lovely…I think I scared them away when I told them it was fundraising). So…next option,  reach out to the parents!  Would you please take ten minutes to participate in this high potential (fingers crossed) fundraising program. By using social media and texting, in a matter of minutes, you can respectfully “target”  everyone who finds pleasure in helping your children or who has a soft spot for Carlsbad High. The product is smart phone based, food discount card. After the 1st 50 sold, the CHS track team receives $15 dollars from every card.

The instructions are below, but basically, you text the word lancer to 25827 and then re text the link to anyone you can  think of who would be happy to buy a $20 food discount card supporting our team. (local or national).) Please also link it to Facebook, twitter or pass the opportunity to anyone who you think might help us spread the word.  Participation in vital. If this program is successful, we can purchase some of the things we desperately need…new starting blocks, a flight of hurdles, starter pistol blanks and put money aside for big projects like a timing system and new discus ring (both in the 20,000 dollar range).

If your son or daughter did not attend the meeting, share this email with them. As much as we need and appreciate your help we feel it is also vital that our student athletes take responsibility for helping their team.

(Additional quick reminders: Get on our text information link by texting:  @chstrackfi to 81010, be on the email communication list by fully completing the  information form at, and  follow our competition schedule at (search Carlsbad)

Coach Cindy Gilbert-Snow

Subject: instructions from stmartraiser

Hey parents

Step !: visit: from your phone.  You can also get their easily by texting the word lancers to 25827.
Step 2: please buy the teams mobile discount card.  It has many deals locally, and is stored on your phone so you will never lose or forget it
Step 3:. Share on facebook and twitter
Step 4: use the green text messages share buttons to send this to others.
Step 5: use the text out of town button and share with friends and relatives all over the country, they will get 50 discounts near them.

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