Lancer Bequest (Donation)


We have had several inquires about making a donation to the track and field program.  We thank you for all the support and interest in helping the CHSTF.  This is completely optional and we are sharing this information because of the inquires.  There are several ways that donations or sponsorship can be made to the Carlsbad High School Track & Field (CHSTF)   that support the student athletes participating in track and field:

  1. Website – click on the DONATION button on the right side and follow the prompts using PayPal.
  2. Check/Cash – write a check to CHSTF  or place cash in an envelope and mail it to CHSTF, 1034 Seahorse CT, Carlsbad, CA 92011 or place in an sealed envelope and have your student athlete bring to practice.
  3. Matching – some companies will match your donations to the CHSTF program.  Please be sure and check to see if your company will match your contribution.  If you do not see the Carlsbad High School Track and Field  on the list please send an email to and we will make sure that it gets added to the program if possible.
  4. Sponsorship – if your company would like to sponsor CHSTF please see the ‘Sponsor’ menu on website for more details.
  5. We also have an exciting new Banner Sponsorship opportunity.  You can now show your support for Carlsbad Athletics by having a banner displaying your Logo in the Athletic Facilities around campus.  Please click on the link:  Track Stadium Banners_ 2016-2017 to find out more.

Through direct donations the team receives 100% of the funds.  Your generous donations will be used to pay for uniforms, equipment, coaching, transportation, invite fees and to support the funding from the district.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Thank you in advance for your support.  The CHSTF team could not do it without the support of the community and school.  Thank you for being part of the team.