Sponsor Equipment

You or an organization you know could make a direct contribution toward a specific item. Most of the equipment items requested by the program need to be replaced every three to five years. With jumping mats every seven years. Most of these items have not been replaced since the new stadium was opened. If interested, simply pick an item(s) from the list and contact us by email, klarge@carlsbadusd.net to arrange the item sponsorship.


Below is a list of some of the equipment that coaches and the school is need:

Flights of hurdles $1000 per lane.

$300 new shot and discus

$4609.00 to repair and replace discus cage

$50 every meet starter’s blanks. Full set 15

High Jump Standards $1019 per pair

High Jump Cross Bars Range $79-$122 each

High Jump Pit $6409

Aluminum platforms to protect High jump and Pole Vault pits range $2199 -$6669

Height display for Jumps and Throws event:$694 per event. (Discus $839)

Long Jump Pit rake $73.00

Long Jump Boards $115 each, (we always need 4)

Discus package (three discus, two shot puts) 381.00

Competition Discus $179.00

Hurdle Cart $359.00

Starting Blocks $240-300 each

Tape Measures Range from $28.00 to $118. Need for high jump, long jump, triple (to measure bar height to measure run ups and to measure discus and shot. Minimum on teach each year (10)

Toe board in shot put: $286

Spring Boards: $689

Medicine balls 200.00

Foam Rollers ($40 ea)

As you can see the list is long and some of these items need to be replaced for safety reasons and to meet the standards required by CIF.  Your help is needed to help these student athletes.