Dear Track & Field Parents and Athletes,

Here are some highlights of the Parent Handbook.  The full copy of the Handbook is posted online.


    • Push Notifications with Smart Phone (iPhone or Android) for Team News and Info: Open Web Browser and goto the following link (you’ll be prompted to download the Remind App:


    • Text Registration for Track Team News and Info (please do this) text @chstrackfi to 81010


    • Email and Facebook: and Facebook is Carlsbad High School Track & Field at


    •  Attendance Policy: 4 unexcused absences, 6 unexcused tardies – athlete will be suspended from the team. Register excused absences with Coach Manny Mancillas via text 760 994 6698


    • Discipline: Track and Field is a no cut sport. Everyone is welcome as long as they participate with intent and respect for fellow athletes and coaches. (Ditching mid practice and NOT turning up for Invitationals is considered disrespectful.)


    • Grievances: 1st: Athlete speaks directly to their event coach. 2nd: parent and/or athlete speaks to Head Coach Kelly Large, 3rd: grievance is brought to AD Amanda Water.


    • Track Meet Rules: No cell phones are allowed on the field; Parents/coaches may take video of athletes during the competition, but may not show the athlete the film during the competition. Athletes may not run along side another athlete during competition to cheer, pace or communicate.  It will result in a disqualification of the athlete competing.


    • Calendar- Meet Results:  Go to (This site will make a track fan out of you and is addictive.) is where you will find our calendar of meets and all the results. You can also do search by any school or athlete to find all their results which were recorded during their high school career.


    • Transportation to away Dual Meets is via Bus.  Students must travel to and from meets on the bus, unless a “Release to Parent from Athletic Event” form is lodged with A.D. Waters 48 hours prior to the event. All athletes must fill out the “Field Trip by Private Vehicle” form obtained from and returned to the athletic director in order to goto an away meet where buses are not provided (i.e. Invitationals and CIF).  There is no team transportation provided to Relays or Invitationals, or CIF competition.


Thank you for taking the time to review the below information.  If you have any questions, please email Director of Track & Field, Kelly Large:


Coach Large